During last aKademy we had a BoF about KDE promotion in France.



Currently "only" morice-net, thanks to him, look at the French part of the forum, so we need to improve that. If you want to help, you need to read the forum and then answer question or if you don't know the answer, just ask the good person to provide an answer.

Mailing list

When we want to promote an event, is very hard to know which mailing list we need to use, so we have lot of cross posting. That's why we decided to reorganize mailing-list.

  • kde-francophone, only for the French translation team
  • kde-events-fr, used to organize all French KDE related events, aKademy-fr, atelier KDE (Toulouse), Solution Linux... If you want to help on the organization side of events, please subscribe here
  • kde-fr-announce, this mailing list is a new one. The goal of this ML is only to promote KDE, with release announcement and events promotion. If you want to be aware of new events, new releases... please subscribe here
  • ateliers kde (toulibre, not use this mailing list in the future)

So now we have a mailing list for translators, a mailing list for events organization and one for promotion. Now we don't need anymore to cross post (only me to explain that).

For users support we stay in the forum.

Social network

We decided to be more active in the social network area.

To follow KDE France:

We want to share about KDE in France, events, releases and probably also share about new articles in fr.planetkde.org.


fr.kde.org is "down" since 2009. So we want to revive it in the following month (main objective).


We discussed mainly on how to attract people to the aKademy-fr track and also we discussed about which presentation we can do. More information in the near future.

Au cours d'aKademy nous avons eu une réunion dont la thématique était d'améliorer la promotion de KDE en France.



Actuellement "seulement" morice-net, merci à lui, prend le temps de regarder la partie francophone du forum, nous avons besoin de l'aider. Si vous souhaitez l'aider, il vous faudra lire le forum et répondre aux diverses questions, ou si vous ne connaissez pas la réponse contacter quelqu'un qui pourrait y répondre.

Mailing list

Lorsque l'on doit promouvoir un évènement, organiser un évènement il est actuellement plutôt difficile de savoir quelle mailing list utiliser. C'est pourquoi nous voulons clarifier l'organisation des mailing list.

  • kde-francophone, servira seulement à l'équipe de traduction francophone.
  • kde-events-fr, aura pour but de coordoner l'organisation d'évènement KDE en France tels que : aKademy-fr, atelier KDE (Toulouse), Solution Linux... Si vous souhaitez participer à l'organisation des évènements c'est donc sur cette liste qu'il faudra s'inscrire.
  • kde-fr-announce, cette nouvelle mailing list aura pour but la promotion de KDE. Vous y retrouverez les annonces concernant les futures releases. Mais également les évènements auxquels KDE participera. Si vous souhaitez rester informé des releases KDE et des différents endroits où vous pourrez rencontrer des membres de la communauté KDE, c'est ici qu'il faut s'inscrire.
  • ateliers kde (toulibre) ne sera donc plus utilisé à l'avenir.

Nous avons donc maintenant une mailing list pour les traductions, une pour l'organisation d'évènement et une pour la promotion de KDE et des évènements. Nous aurons donc plus besoin de publier les mails sur plusieurs mailing list à la fois comme actuellement.

Pour le support des utilisateurs nous continuerons à utiliser le forum.

Réseaux sociaux

Nous avons également décidé de devenir actif sur les réseaux sociaux. Si vous souhaitez suivre KDE France:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/KDE_France5
  • Google plus: https://plus.google.com/communities/1148621551675525122846
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfoKDEFrance7

Nous parlerons de KDE en France, des articles de blog sur le thème de KDE (en français), des futurs évènements, des releases...


fr.kde.org est en maintenance depuis 2009. Nous avons donc décidé que le prochain grand objectif sera de le remettre en place le plus rapidement possible.


Nous avons également discuté de la future aKademy-fr. Nous avons abordé les points suivants:

  • Comment attirer les gens
  • Des idées de présentation

Plus d'information vous seront bientôt communiqué.

This year we will have a BoF about KDE in France on monday the 15th at 16h in B4 room, the main goal is to discuss about how we promote KDE in France and how we can improve it.

I created a pad in order to collaborate and take note more easely.


So the first thing is to set up an agenda for the BoF, all help is welcome.

If you are not attending aKademy, but you have some ideas to improve KDE's promotion in France, feel free to create a section in the pad so we can discuss of it during the BoF. I will also write a report of the BoF here.

See you :)

Cette année une conférence (BoF) sur la promotion de KDE en France aura lieu lundi 15 à 16h dans la salle B4, nous dicuterons de l'état actuel de la promotion de KDE en France et de comment nous pouvons l'améliorer.

J'ai créé un pad pour pouvoir collaborer et prendre des notes.


La première chose à faire est la définition de l'ordre du jour, je compte sur votre participation!!!

Si vous n'êtes pas présent à aKademy, mais que vous avez des idées pour améliorer la promotion de KDE en France, vous pouvez créer une section dans le pad et nous en parlerons pendant le BoF. Je publierai ici-même un compte-rendu.

À bientôt :)

Hello planet!!!

After nearby two years of disrupted services, my blog is back online with about 95% of archives available, only two or three photos are missing. However, my blog doesn't come alone, I follow him. Indeed after 6-8 month of inactivity around KDE project, I can say, I miss KDE a lot.

In the near future I'm going to take part in three KDE related events.

Coding, Promoting and Sharing

The Coding Way - Atelier KDE (Toulouse, France)

Firstly, this Saturday I'm going to the "Atelier KDE", the local KDE monthly event. During the whole day I want to share a bit with other attendees (i.e. I don't go anywhere to be unsocial :) ), and also to contribute to KDE software by coding (I hope my C++/Qt skill hasn't gone during my break). I'm not sure yet in which part of which software/library I want to do some hacking, but not sure in which piece of software. Perhaps in KDE Frameworks or KDevelop. I think I will choose Saturday depending on my mood.

I also want to say a big thanks to morice-net to take care of this kind of beautiful event.

The Promoting Way - Solution Linux (Paris, France)

After contributing by coding, I'm going to explore another way of contributing in Paris. Indeed the 27th and 28th of May I'm going to Paris in order to help Paris KDE Team in Solution Linux. Solution Linux is a yearly French exhibition around Open Source. It's my first time in Solution Linux, but I'm going there with some veterans like Sébastien Renard or Aurélien Gateau. In order to share this experience I will try to do a daily report of this event in my blog.

The Sharing and Hacking Ways aKademy (Bilbao, Spain)

In mid July like a lot of people I will attend aKademy in Bilbao. Like each year aKademy allow to share with all the great KDE community.

I'm going to aKademy

AKademy is also each year a great place to hack around KDE software. So I want to make a contribution in KDE Frameworks and also hack a bit in KDevelop.

Don't stop after that

Yes I'm really enthusiast about KDE, I want to contribute to KDE more and more. Now I say it, now I need to give more to KDE. Yes I know for New Year's resolution is a bit late.

So I will try to promote better KDE in my daily life, but also by going to events like Solution Linux. And, also be involved more in KDE related project development and all kinds of stuff related to KDE environment.

Yes I still have the aim to help my "master" to dominate the world with KDE.

World domination

So now I can say I want to come back in KDE. And, I hope to see you soon!

That's all

Bonjour planet!!!

Après presque 2 ans sans bloguer, me voila de retour et je vais également essayer d'apporter ma pière à l'édifice de l'édition francophone du planet.

Un peu de pollution

Lorsqu'on ajoute un flux ça prend l'ensemble des posts même les plus anciens, heureusement ça les classes par ordre chonologique. Du coup j'ai ajouté quelques vieux articles au planet (pas voulu mais j'avais pas le choix).

Mes futurs articles

J'essayerai de poster en français des comptes rendus des évènements auxquels je participe, Atelier-KDE, Solution Linux, aKademy... I'm going to aKademy

À bientôt.

During the Desktop Summit we had a BoF KDE France in order to discuss a bit on the way to improve promotion of KDE software in France, you can have a resume here.

In  this BoF we have an interesting discussion on the way to collaborate more on promotional material, like presentation, demonstration script...

Of course doing that at the French level is really interesting because we can share the effort to have this and win some time. However I think to have this in a worldwide side can be a great benefits for KDE perhaps some stuff like that already exists but I found nothings.


The main goal of presentation is to present a subject at a local area level, for example my LUG in Toulouse, France allow people to present something one Wednesday over two. So if I create a presentation for one of this call I think I can easily share it with other person like someone in Paris and he cans do the same presentation in Paris.

If we imply translator team we can have this kind of initiative all around the world by translating all our presentation material.

Demonstration script

So to do a demonstration in a linux conference or another event is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, there is a question about what I need to present to user and the question is really more complicated because there are lots of kind of users. Some users don't know what is Free Software, others know Free Software but not KDE or can know KDE...

So to doing a demonstration you need to explain some stuff about that to users. And for the demonstration part you also need to focus on user interests. When you know all this point the job is not finished, indeed if my user is interested about general usage of a desktop environment, you probably want to show to him general stuff of KDE like plasma, dolphin... And the more complicated thing come here, ok you have identified what the users want to know about KDE, but now there is a question: How I can do a good demonstration of a KDE product? Sorry I can't answer to this, because I don't have a good answer.

But I think a first way is to show to him the software functionnalities, that's why I suggest to share data about main feature of each KDE application in order to help people to do good demonstration of KDE software like a bullet list for each one.

A second way can be to share some videos on the way to presents KDE software but in my opinion that's too difficult to maintain videos with latest KDE things.Actually that is more easy to add a point to a list than a video.

Thanks for reading it and I hope we can have a good discussion about that in the future, and in the same time I'm joining the KDE-Promo mailing list. And I invite all French speakers who are interested in KDE promotion in France to join kde-events-fr mailing list.