Since I have started my GSoC, I didn't post about it. So that is my first post, and I explain my advancement.

My subject has been Improve animation framework and create animation effects for KPresenter

Currently,  only loading and displaying of some effect work:

  • Standard (dis)apperance (a shape was shown or not).
  • Width or height resizing
  • Translation on x or y axis
  • Rotation
  • And all combination of this effect

All this effect work with the \<anim:animate> element. And for animation evolution over the time, only \<smil:values> with optional \<smil:keytimes> element work for the moment.

In order to test this you can create a presentation in OpenOffice impress, and add custom animation like  appear, disappear, zoom, fly in, spin in/out (work without fade effect)...

Now, I start to write code in order to save animation in odf file, implement support for other smil animation effect function (\<smil:from>, \<smil:to>, \<smil:by>) and \<anim:formula> and animate parts of text shape.

You can see the current state in this video

In the future I try to post a weekly report.